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Welcome to besthomestagingfinder.co.uk, UK’s leading website on finding the right home staging finder for you. We cater to the United Kingdom and help you find the right person or company , who can help you increase the image quality of your house so you can find tenants for your home at the click of a finger. 

We have spent years vetting the right home stagers in every known city in the UK such as London, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool , Mansfield and Bristol.

No matter where you are from, you are able to find the best home staging for you.. The home staging companies on this website have all been quality tested to ensure they are capable of offering high quality services.

These may include things such as:

  • Renovating your house top from bottom
  • Making little changes that make a HUGE difference in finding tenants to rent your home or to sell the house outright
  • Getting your house picture perfect for listings online
  • And more

This website is your one stop shop for all of your needs. Our site have reviewed EVERY home staging business shown on this website to ensure that you are getting the best that we can offer in the UK.

What is home staging?

To cut it short, home staging is the art of preparing a private residence, to be sold to a buyer. Its goal is to make the property look extremely attractive in pictures and personal viewings so buyers are more enticed to buy the property or rent it out.

Home staging offers many benefits for realtors looking to sell their property or rent it out as allows them to invest a small sum of money and make a huge return simply based on the aesthetics of the property being listed.

How do you find a reliable luxury home stager?

Finding a reliable home staging company in today’s age is extremely difficult. Lots of people can put up a website, rent an office  and call themselves “luxury stagers” while charging for services they are barely competent at. That’s why we created

We want to help realtors find the most reliable home stagers near you in the UK whether you are based in a big city such as Manchester , Birmingham and London or in a less populated area in the UK such as Coventry and Harrogate. Our website has a list of extremely qualified home stagers in most cities in the UK and the list is growing. We make sure to vet these freelancers and companies to make sure they are qualified enough to be listed on our website.

This is constantly being updated so if you do not see anyone in your home city on any pages of our website, more likely than not, it’s because we do not find them to be the right fit for our home staging finder.

What are the benefits of using a home staging company?

Using a home staging company or freelancer offers many great benefits to realtors. For one, it simply enhances the strengths of the property and makes it look extremely appealing, while at the same time, minimises the weaknesses of the property which may put certain buyers off.

By giving off a good first impression, home staging can increase the likelihood of a property being sold faster than the average market turnover. According to the Real Estate Staging Association, homes that are staged sell 73% faster than their non staged property counterparts.

Who may need to use this type of service?

The stereotype is that only big investment companies and real estate businesses, use home staging but this is far from the truth. Many different types of people and organisation can use luxury home staging to sell their property and rent them out effortlessly.

One popular demographic for home staging are holiday home rental owners. Having a dream villa in a nice holiday destination means easy cash in their pockets, however with such large competition from competing villas who may be closer to the beach, cheaper to rent, offer more exclusive deals such as house services, it’s extremely important for a realtor to invest a few extra dollars to stage their home to look appealing to potential prospects looking to rent a villa for a week.

Another type of customer that can use home staging are student home rentals. Realtors who own big student homes want to rent out each bedroom to potential students studying in the local university, so they need to ensure that the home is staged to look modern, simplistic and clean. By making the house look spacious, clean and modern, students would be more inclined to rent this out than somewhere which is a little cheaper but a lot more “uglier”.

How much does it cost?

A full home staging session ranges depending on the type of home staging that needs to be done, the number of people involved in the job and what city they are based in. In Birmingham, many are within the £100-£300 per hour range for a job whereas in London, it may be around £150-£500 per hour for a job completion. When you consult a home stager, you are paying for the time and knowledge as well as skill of these people. Each home stager may price their services accordingly, depending on what they include in their job, and how much it will benefit your success rate for the property. Most jobs are around 2-4 hours long but can be booked for less than this or higher if needed.